Alberto Rigoni's new project
"NEMESIS CALL - Kingdom of Shred"

feat. super talented drummers all around the world such as Mike Terrana, Sajan (14 years old!) and more (TBA) and tons of top notch guitarists such as Alexandra Zerner, Alexandra Lioness, Aanika Pai (11 years old!), Keiji by Zero (19 years old!) and many others (TBA)


40% of the income will be donated to Lega del Filo d'Oro , an Italian association which helps deafblind children.

Who's Alberto Rigoni?

"Hello friends and music lovers! I'm Alberto Rigoni, an Italian composer and.. a BASS GUY! Between 2008 and 2024 I released 13 solo albums, spanning from progressive, rock, ambient to funky and experimental music, which featured also contributions from musicians such as keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) drummer Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) and Marco Minnemann (the Aristocrats), keyboardist Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater), singer John Jeff Soto (ex  Goran Edman (ex Y. Malmsteen), bassists Nathan East, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Nik West (ex Prince) and many others. I'm also bass player for BAD As, Sunset Groove Society, Kim Bingham, The Italians bands and co-producer of Mistheria's Vivaldi Metal Project."

The new project Nemesis Call

"Even if my latest album "Unexpected Lullabies", dedicated to my new born Vittoria Parini Rigoni, will be released on June 4th 2024, when Vittoria came to life I felt the need to compose new music (yes, I really can't stop!!!!!). This time will be quite challenging because I'm willing to release an instrumental shred/prog/rock/metal album, that will feature many talented top notch musicians (even super young!) such as drummers Mike Terrana,Sayan Young Drummer (14 years old!), Shion Nakagawa, guitarists Alexandra Zerner, Alexandra Lioness, Aanika Pai (11 years old!), Keiji by Zero (19 years old!), Samet Kiliç, SAKI and many othersTBA/TBC). It won't be easy to manage all such great musicians but I will make it!! Are you ready to face a new prog experience? The album will be released in Digipack CD and in high quality digital format approximately at the beginning of 2025."

The Fundraising Campaign

As an independent artist, Alberto is looking for supporters who can help him in reaching the budget for the production (recordings, mix, mastering, artwork etc.) of this new album and started this fundraising campaign that will end on October 15th 2024.

You can support Alberto's Nemesis Calling, purchasing, through Paypal, the following exclusives pledges:

 1. Signed Digipack CD + you name in the "thanks list" - 40 euro

2. Signed Digipack CD + my full discography in digital - 30 euro

3.  Signed Digipack CD - 20 euro

3. Digital version - 15 euro

4. Squire Fender Mini L short scale Precision, signed by Alberto and dedicated to you - 300 euro (+shipping in UE only)

I WOULD LIKE TO GET THE FOLLOWING PLEDGE (please incude your email and home address):

Nemesis Call

Important notes

  • The album will be released in any case, so don't worry!! You won't lose your money! All the previous campaigns went successfully!
  • Physical pledges includes shipping costs. All pledges will be sent to supporters 1 month before the official release of the album.
  • All supporters photos will be posted on Alberto Rigoni's social media. Please send photos to

This campaign will end on October 15th 2025

For questions, information, or other issues please contact

Alberto Rigoni's new project NEMESIS CALL